Sunday, October 30, 2005

This is my whatcha-ma-call it site with like everything from stupid things to other things and yeah if you like it or need advice let me know!

Heyhey my friends and ppl i don't know this is my site full of crap and facts that you should check out!
i made it to give you ppl advice and help and fun facts and jokes and stuff like that! I have a post for everything and every now and then i'll have a story i wrote up here just for the heck of it and i wanna know what you ppl think of it so let me know! Tell you friends about the site and give me comments please about everything you can! Tell me what you think of the site and what you want me to put in it! Anyway enjoy the site!

Saturday, July 09, 2005

!Hot! or NOT.

This is were we find out what things are !Hot! for the summer and NOT. for the summer. Every couple of weeks i'll put up new things that ppl do every summer. I'll add up the votes from emails by viewers and post the results everytime i put new summer activities up! Vote now!

#1~ The Pool

#2~ Family Vactions

#3~ Sleepovers

#4~ Beach Parties

#5~ Cleaning House

Friday, July 01, 2005

Jokes from stupid- to really really stupid (hehe)


~ A guy walks into a bar and see's this old man just staring at his bowl of chunky soup. The old man just keeps staring at the soup not taking his eyes off it. Every 15minutes the man would look at him and still the old mans eyes just stay glued to the bowl of soup. Finally the man walks over to him and says "i'm really straving and i'm just wondering if you're not going to eat it if i could." The old man say "help yourself." so the man just starts gulping this chunky, dark colored soup down until he gets to the bottom of the bowl and there at the bottom of the bowl is this DEAD RAT. The man then just starts blowing chunks back into the bowl when the old man says......"same thing happened to me."


So this guy named Bill has to go to the hospital because he has a very bad sickness. From the news of his friend Joe rushes to the hospital to take care of him. Joe stays by his side and tells Bill "if there's anything i can get for you i mean anything just let me know." Now Bill always wanted a green ping-pong ball so he's asks Joe if he could please just get him a green ping-pong ball. Now Joe doesn't want to let him down so he goes and he looks everywhere in Columbia for a green ping-pong ball but can't find one anywhere so instead buys him a mini TV and he thinks o he'll like this a lot better. So Joe goes and takes the TV to Bill and says "i looked everywhere in Columbia but just couldn't find it but i got you this TV instead." "o thanks this is nice." says bill in a sad voice. "o what's wrong Bill?" said Joe "o it's just i really want a green ping-pong ball!" "well you know what Bill i'll go find you one!" so joe goes looking all though Missouri but can't find a green ping-pong ball anywhere so he goes and buys Bill this nice new sports car and goes back and says "well i couldn't find a green ping-pong ball anywhere but i bought you a nice new car for you when you get out of the hospital!" "o....That's great." Bill says in a sad voice. "what's wrong now?" "well the doc. says i may not have much time left and gosh i just want a green ping-pong ball real bad!" So JOe goes seaching the world for a green ping-pong ball but just can't fine one anywhere so he buys him and his wife this nice, beach house, and goes back to him and says " i'm so sorry but i couldn't find you a green ping-pong ball anywhere." "o well that's ok i guess i don't have much time left anyway." said BILL "well before you go can you just tell me why in the world did you want a green ping-pong ball so bad?" said JOe "well......i wanted a" And then he died.


So this guy that is new in town rides up to this bar and walks in. Well the ppl who lived there are all like we should hide his horse for fun to prank him hehe. so the go and tie the horse in the back and after about 5 minutes the man walks out and see's his horse gone and says " i'm going to go inside and have one more beer and if my horse isn't back out here i'll have to do what i did in Branson." So there guys start to get all scared and they're all like " o well we don't wanna cause no trouble we don't want anyone to get hurt or worse killed!" so they go and take his horse back to the front and when the guy walks out he gets on his horse and get's ready to leave when the guys ask "what did you have to do you know back in Branson?" And he answers "i had to walk."

Carrera Soccer Team

The team that can't be beat with it's amazing goalie Monica R. with the energy that lasts forever! The incredible defence team that you can't get past and every team fears. The stopper that can't be stopped and the midfield that keeps the ball moving up to the forwards who always make sure that the ball goes into the other teams net. Our team is on fire and is now ranked 10th in state and is the only Columbia team ranked in the top ten. I'd list all the names but i'd probably forget at least 4 ppl so i better not. This team is no longer a team but has now become a family. We support our sisters and encourge them to keep up their hopes. There's no "best" or "better" person on the team, we're all equal and without one person we wouldn't be the same at all. Everyone helps us to win and no matter if it's energy or skill they help the team to win every game. Together we have become a fearless team and together we'll show the world what real soccer is and how to play it.

To all of my Carrera Family,
I love you girls like sisters
your Fellow team mate,
~Elayne V. #13


June 30th ~ Morgan and Harison's 14th birthday

August 28th ~ Katelyn's 14th birtday

September 22nd ~ Maria's 14th birthday

November 13th ~ Jamie V's 47th birthday

December 16th ~ Catherine's 14th birthday

December 17th ~ My 14th birthday

December 25th ~ Jesus' sumthing birthday

March 17th ~ Chaston K. 13th birthday

April 6th ~ Emily V's 20th birthday

April 9th ~ Erin V's 22nd birthday

If your's is coming up let me know and i'll put it on ASAP!

Hafta See Summer Movies

Most popular movies of the summer:

#1 Star Wars III ~ Just ask Monica R. or Katie L.

#2 The Notebook ~ Insisted by Beau R.

#3 Coach Carter ~ sugested by Jamie V.

#4 Batman Begins ~ YOU MUST SEE BY ME!

What do you think ppl need to see let me know and i'll add it! email me at